#58 – Wrestling Memories

After a recent trip to watch WWE Live, me and Hayley sat down to review our experience of the pro wrstling event. From Bret”the Hitman Hart and the Montreal Screwjob to Hulk Hogan joing the NWO, we also recall our favourite wrestlers and storylines from back in the day. We go on to describe what we would be like if we were in the WWE, discussing what we would wear, our entrance music and what our characters would be like.



One thought on “#58 – Wrestling Memories”

  1. I feel nostalgic right now. I used to be a huge fan of wrestling, and I was very young the first time I got to watch Smackdown Live! I bought VIP tickets so that I could be in the very first rows and see my favorite superstars. After that show I attended to 4 or 5 more Raws and Smackdowns, everytime they were coming back to Lisbon… later I just quit watching it.

    It was fun, but, I think we just grow up, and what seems to be real fades away.

    However, after almost 10 years since the last show I’ve been to, I would love to repeat it.


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