#112 – The Downsides of Travelling

Recurring guest Phil Taffley and I love travelling, but like everything in life it does come with it’s downsides. At Phil’s request, in this episode, we discuss what those downsides are for us, what you should be aware of and how to manage them. We talk missing family & friends, scams, cultural differences, timekeeping, dealing with the police while abroad and much more.


#111 – Football on the Continent

Dan Shipley joins me to discuss what it is like to watch football on your travels. We talk about our experiences of football culture across the world and compare them to the English game. Is Barcelona actually a cult? What’s better, a Seattle Sounders match or a trip to Morcambe on a Saturday afternoon? Was Mark Stallard better than Beckham? All this and much more.

#110 – Booking a Eurotrip

In this episode, I detail how I booked for a week long trip, flights, accommodation and transport, across 4 cities in 3 countries for less than £300, and how you could do the same for even cheaper. Also, why AirBnB is disrupting locals in certain places.

#109 – California part V – Big Sur

This is the fifth and final part of the California mini series. In this episode, we discuss the journey back to LA from San Francisco, our visit to Big Sur and evaluate our experiences in California.

#108 – California part IV – San Francisco

Part IV of the California miniseries details our experiences in San Francisco. Hear about the televised car crash of a sport, that I couldn’t peel my eyes away from, negotiating those challenging hills behind the wheel and whether the Alcatraz experience is worth the entry fee.


#107 – California part III – Yosemite National Park

Continuing on our California Journey, this episode details our experience in Yosemite National Park. Hear about the amazing, the frustrating and the unlikely. Find out why planning is a must for Yosemite.

#106 – California part II – San Diego

At the end of last year, we took a trip to California to celebrate turning 30. This episode details the 2nd leg of our trip, where we went to the ‘classy’ San Diego. Hear about what we liked about San Diego and what we learned


#105 – California part I – Joshua Tree

At the end of last year, we took a trip to California to celebrate turning 30. This episode details the 1st leg of our trip, where we went to the desert. Hear about what we liked about Joshua Tree National Park and what took us by surprise



#104 – Christmas Away From Home

I sit down with Ross to discuss our experiences of what it is like to spend Christmas Day away from home, when you are travelling/backpacking. We discuss the build up, the day itself, the good, the bad, the weird and whether the juice is worth the squeeze. Is travelling worth missing Christmas day for? Available on iTunes, rjkworldtour.com and podcast addict.

#103 – BJJGlobetrotters

BJJGlobetrotters founder Christian Graugart joins me to discuss how his Jiu Jitsu orientated round the world trip inspired him to start a network, which today has 10,000 members, and enables people to train BJJ around the world for free.


#102 – Is Milford Sound going down the Toilet?

In this trending travelling topics episode, I discuss

  • Why Backpacker favourite Milford Sound has become number 2 in some visitor’s opinions
  • There’s developments on the Backpacker Tax and farm work fronts
  • How Elon Musk plans to help us travel anywhere in the world in less than an hour for the price of a standard air fare

Available on iTunes, rjkworldtour.com or Podcast Addict


#101 – Surfing in Sri Lanka

Cage Warriors MMA fighter Josh Hudson joins me to discuss his time surfing in Sri Lanka. We talk, Columbo, wild cross country journeys, the best spots to surf around Arugam Bay, the night life, surfing around the world and much more. As usual, available on iTunes, through the website or podcast addict for android users


#100 – Around the World in 80 Throws

2 time Commonwealth Judo Champion and Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Craig Ewers joins me to discuss how Martial Arts have taken him all over the world though training and competing. Craig shares many tales from Japan, Russia, Brazil and the USA. Hear about a humbling experience in a remote Japanese town, sharing a room with a Chechen rebel, why Georgian Food should be on everyone’s bucket list, tutelage from the very same coach of one Ronda Rousey, and much, much more

#99 – The Selfie that could land you in Jail

Hayley joins me to discuss:

  • Why taking a Beer Selfie in Thailand could put you in prison
  • A Backpacker Hostel in New Zealand that has taken extreme measures to improve the behavior of it’s guests
  • And a potential Nudist Beach on the horizon in Saudi Arabia

#98 – Latvia & Lithuania

Phil Taffley returns to the show to talk about a recent trip to the unheralded Latvia and Lithuania

#97 – Begpackers and Buses

The Kid is Back!!! This week I discuss

  • A recent video demonstrating some poor customer service on a Vietnamese tourist bus
  • Thailand’s revolt against Begpackers
  • Why people immediately stand up once plane has landed and the unfasten seatbelt light has come on, when they are in a window seat in row 30

#96 – Return to London

I recall my 1st trip back to London since my night at London Bridge during the unfortunate terrorist attacks. The weekend was very much travel and podcast related. I also cover some of the latest news coming out of the travel and backpacking world.


#95 – 5 Ways To Save Money in Iceland

Nope, this is not about buying half price Vienettas, Hayley joins me to review our recent trip to Iceland and discuss 5 different ways we saved some serious money. As well as some budgeting tips, hear about:

  • How this trip nearly didn’t happen
  • Experiencing Iceland’s record snowfall since 1937
  • Why you shouldn’t necessarily visit the famous Blue Lagoon
  • Taking a Game of  Thrones tour led by one of the actors

#94 – London Terror Attack, My Account


On Saturday night, I was at London Bridge during the terror attacks. I recall the how the events played out from my point of view. Thank you to the police who kept us all safe


#93 – Perspective on Manchester Bombings/ UK General Election

I take a look at how past experiences abroad have given me a greater understanding of the fallout from the Manchester tragedy and the upcoming UK general election.

#92 – Trending Travelling Topics

On this weeks episode I discuss

  • the top 10 most liveble cities in the world according to a recent study
  • why you should travel by following your passion
  • how more backpackers are visiting Tasmania

#91 – Trending Travelling Topics

On this weeks episode, I discuss the latest stories coming out of the travel and backpacking world. Hear about:

  • Backpackers who are unable to claim on their travel insurance for injuries in scooter crashes around South East Asia
  • The future of tours to Leo Di Caprio’s ‘The Beach’
  • A German Backpacker who was eaten alive by bed bugs in a Sydney Hostel

#90 – Trending Travelling Topics

I talk about the biggest stories of the week coming out of the travel and backpacking world. Hear about:

  • The end of the 457 visa in Australia. Why the government are tightening up sponsorship and how it will affect future applicants
  • Bangkok banning the sale of “street food”. Is this travelling favourite really going to end?
  • The rise of the “Beg”packer. Find out what a begpacker is and why they are polarising


#89 – The 2 and a half year “gap year”

On this week’s episode, I am joined by Instagram influencer Jorden Tually. Jorden details his adventures in Indonesia, his visits to all but 1 island of Hawaii, his road trips accross America, his times working at a Canadian summer camp and of course, his back garden of Australia. Jorden is known for his creative ways on how to travel on a budget and shares some of his secrets with us. He can be found on Facebook, Instagram and youtube all “Jorden Tually”.

#88 – Trending Travelling Topics

On this week’s episode, hear about the convicted fraudster who was running a backpacking hostel from a house in Christchurch, New Zealand and why you should be careful about where you stay on your travels. Brexit makes a brief return to the podcast with some actual news, sort of. And finally,  hear about a Backpacker from the Netherlands whose journey to Australia took an unexpected turn, almost literally


#87 – Trending Travelling Topics

This week I talk about an intriguing article about how Backpackers are avoiding Canberra like the plague. Much of this is because of listening to opinions of fellow travelers but should you be listening to opinions or should you be finding out for yourself?

Also farm work gets some more airtime on the podcast. Last year Mia Ayliffe-Chung’s, a backpacker from the UK ,was killed whilst doing her regional work for her second year Australian working holiday visa. Hear about the work that her mother is doing on trying to make farm work fairer for backpackers.

#86 Trending Travelling Topics

On this week’s episode, I talk about the latest news in the travel and backpacking world. First up is an unfortunate tale about an English backpacker who was denied her second year working holiday visa for Australia, because her employer did not pay her enough. Hear about how you can avoid being in the same position. I cover an update on Brexit and what implications it may have on travel to and from the UK. Also, the incredible story of a young Australian who fought a crocodile, all in the name of love.

#85 Trending Travelling Topics

In one of the most bizarre stories of the year, hear about how a French woman has become a fugitive of New Zealand for taking a poo in the street. Also, should all these negative news stories of Backpackers put you off travelling to certain places? I discuss this as well as addressing the controversy from last week’s episode.

#84 – Trending Travelling Topics

After discussing my trip to in to the incredible Iceland, I return to the podcast with fire. Here about the future of European travel for Americans and how it could become more complicated #nice1don. I then move to a rant about disgraceful backpackers who steal from the places they visit and then brag about it on social media. Finally, do you want to get a selfie with a tiger in Thailand? If so, you may want think twice thanks to one establishment.

#83 – Trending Travelling Topics

This week, I cover a story about a British Backpacker who was abducted by a Swedish Backpacker who claimed he was half man half alien. Good friends you make travelling are often people you have known for little time so can you trust them? What are the best ways to avoid trouble. Also covered is an amazing opportunity to travel Europe for 6 months, all expenses paid, and all that you need is a solid Instagram game. Moving on, with all the coverage of the Trump travel ban at the moment, I talk about a non political story of the situation and how it is impacting tourism in the US. Finally, what unusual proposal is the Icelandic president putting forward. Tune in and find out


#82 -5 Continents Ridden, 35,000 Miles Sailed

Author of 10 travel books Bruce Curran joins me to talk about his vast experiences. Bruce has done it all, from a motorcycle trip from England to South Africa through 4 Continents, Sailing 35000 miles across the the Ocean and even striking up an unlikely friendship with the leader of Myanmar. Tune in to hear a selection of Bruce’s inspiring adventures and his mission to help protect the environment. His books can be purchased at authortravel.com and his webinars are available at marketmasterclass.com



#81 – Trending Travelling Topics

I discuss the latest news from the travel and backpacking world. Hear about the couple who have got married many times over in some of the word’s most desirable places, and have paid less than the cost of the average wedding, for all of them. Also, a tragic death in the Northern Territory  brings me to talk about the feeling of “invincibility” that backpackers often get, and how it should be managed. Finally, how on this past Australia day, 2 unlikely Irish people gained their Australian citizenship.

#80 – Lisbon

Hayley joins me to talk about our trip to Lisbon this past weekend. We discuss our,unforgettable Hostel experience, the places we visited that you know about and some you may not. Hear about why you will be prolifically offered drugs when visiting Portugal and also, possibly the world’s most unlikely public car park.


#79 – The 193 Club

Famed travel blogger Henrik Jeppesen joins me for this episode. Henrik managed to visit every country on the planet, all before he turned 28. With all that experience to call upon, he discusses his favourite places and dives deep into his obsession with travel. Henrik discusses some of the most dangerous places he has visited including Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. He specialises and traveling the world at minimal cost and he shares some of his secrets on how to travel cheaply. He can be contacted on twitter: @henriktravel

#78 – Trending Travelling Topics

I talk about what’s been happening in the travelling and backpacking world this week. I return to a story discussed a few weeks ago about Chris Porter, a British Backpacker who was facing deportation from Australia despite his heroic actions. Hear about how that story has developed. Also covered is another British Backpacker who was in the news, but for all the wrong reasons. Hear about what his excuse was for videoing women in changing rooms in Queensand. And finally I discuss the journey of possibly the world’s oldest backpacker, a 72 year old woman.


#77 – Trending Travelling Topics

I discuss recent events that have been happening in the travel and backpacking universe. Hear about the Christmas day party that left Coogee Beach in an unfortunate state and a freak accident on a Fraser Island trip that left a handful of unlucky travelers without some vital possessions. Also for £3000 and all expenses paid, would you go on a cruise around New York and the Caribbean for 3 weeks and all that you’d have to do is take photos? Somebody will be given this opportunity. Find out how in this episode.

#76 – From Melbourne to Manila

Derek of Deztreks.com joins me to discuss the life he has created for himself in the Philippines. 13 years ago, Derek made the switch from living in Melbourne to The Philippines where he has immersed himself into the countries culture and has spent that time exploring the great places the country has to offer. ‘Dezza’ covers a wide range of topics including the best places to see, how to succeed as an expat and why Manny Pacquiao may not have the influence he hopes to have.

#75 – Christmas Away From Home

One of the most challenging things about travelling for an extended period of time or living abroad is spending Christmas away from your family and friends. Ross joins me for a conversation about what it is like to experience this and whether or not it is worth missing Christmas in favour of Backpacking or living elsewhere.


#74 -Luxembourg Anybody?

We discuss a spontaneous trip to Luxembourg. Find out why the small country might have more to offer than people tell you. We cover everything from the Prime Minister who shops with the locals and a truly spectacular castle, to a peculiar sounding beer and doors that open the wrong way. Find out about an unusual American attraction that can be found on the outskirts of the capital  Is it worth a visit? Tune in and find out.


#73 – Teaching English in China

Ross joins me to discuss the 6 months that he lived and worked in Beijing. He delivers an honest account about all the good and bad things he experienced.  From getting a job, to adapting to eastern culture, to avoiding scams, we cover a large amount of topics. Ross drops some incredible Chinese knowledge bombs on us including how to avoid eating shit, literally.


#72 – Trending Travelling Topics

Show regulars Phil Taffley and Dan Webster join me to discuss this weeks travel news. We talk about the sale of Bondi Backpackers for a staggering $18m. Also, the case of Chris Porter,  a British backpacker who broke both ankles escaping murderous knifeman’s hostel rampage. He may be deported he can’t finish the work required to extend his visa. On top of this, we reveal the lengths backpackers will go to, to extend their visas and establish the wolrd’s top 5 most famous beaches.

#71 – Oxford/Tourist in your own country

I visited Oxford for the first time in my life. From the University to the rowing culture, I give my thoughts. I also talk about why many of us should explore more of our own backyards.


#70 – Ridin’ Solo

With Solo travel continually increasing in popularity, I recall my experiences of it. People always think that it is so daunting. I explain why it may be better than travelling with a companion. Just because you are traveling alone, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be lonely.


#69 -Australia, lessons learned

Aaron “ADubz” Phelps reflects on his year in Australia. He gives an honest account of the things he enjoyed but also the things he would do very differently if he was to have his year again. He weighs in on the “investing in experiences” topic too.

Other things covered are how much money you need to go to Australia, choosing your accommodation choices, making friends and making the most of where you are.

#68 – Trending Travelling Topics

We discuss this week’s travel news. Which member of One Direction recently traveled around South East Asia. What are the new changes to the Australia working holiday visa?Will you be entitled to a free interrail pass? Did you know you can study for free in Denmark if you are an EU citizen?


#67 – My “it’s complicated” relationship with London

London has provided me with some incredible moments during my lifetime. However, it has also given me some not so good moments too. I rationally reflect on some of these times, discuss why you shouldn’t necessarily judge a place by the experience you have and revel my stance on the place these days.


#66 – Japan, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Pokemon Go

Dan returns to the podcast to discuss his trip to Japan. We talk about The Bullet Train,  the bright lights of Tokyo, Hiroshima and even the home of Pokemon. Find out why 2019 or 2020 would be the ideal time to visit or maybe it wouldn’t. Tune in and decide for yourself


#65 – All in a year

On the day before my birthday, I reflect on an eventful year that had me living in 3 countries and travelling in 10. I think about what went well, what didn’t and what I want to strive for in the coming year


#64 – Working on a Cruise Ship

Dan joins me to relive his days of working on a Disney Cruise Ship. What was meant to be a 4 month stint turned into an 18 month adventure. From the Bahamas to Alaska, Dan talks about the places he saw, why he extended his stay and how Disney’s high standards gave him some invaluable experiences.


#63 -2014 World Cup in Brazil

James Howland, Author of The Palace Addiction (available on Amazon) and star of Fan TV joins the podcast to share his experience of the 2014 World Cup. James shares his experience which includes a token disappointing England performance. He also shares a terrifying story from the 2016 European Championships where he was right in thick of the Russian Hooligan attacks.


#62 – NFL UK, when America comes to London

After a listener gave me tickets to the NFL game between Jacksonville Jaguars Indianapolis Colts at Wembley, I reflect on the game. Usually, to experience new cultures, you have to go to a new place to see them. In this case, the culture came to me. I discuss this point as well as the game, the entertainment value and how segregating fans isn’t necessarily a sign of weakness.


#61 – The Big Reunion

I discuss reuniting with a friend who I had not seen for 4 years. When I saw him, within 5 minutes, things were as they were previously. In this episode I talk about how although you will miss your nearest and dearest if you are out exploring the world, it shouldn’t necessarily be a factor in your decision to travel.


#60 – Hawaii, Escape from Waikiki Beach

I discuss my trip to Hawaii that I took earlier this year. I enjoyed seeing Waikiki Beach but I found that it was a huge tourist trap. Many people I spoke to never got out of Waikiki and so never saw the best parts of Hawaii. I was fortunate enough to see the “Big Island” and this is a truly amazing place. I talk about swimming with Sea Turtles, active volcanoes, nudist beaches, black sand beaches and much more.


#59 – Moment 4 Life

After being inspired by a song, I got thinking about the some of the great moments I have had in my life. I recall one in particular that happened in Australia. After months of failure, a huge turning occurred. A moment I will cherish forever.


#58 – Wrestling Memories

After a recent trip to watch WWE Live, me and Hayley sat down to review our experience of the pro wrstling event. From Bret”the Hitman Hart and the Montreal Screwjob to Hulk Hogan joing the NWO, we also recall our favourite wrestlers and storylines from back in the day. We go on to describe what we would be like if we were in the WWE, discussing what we would wear, our entrance music and what our characters would be like.


#57 – 9/11 Terrorist Attacks, gaining perspective

On the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I recall where I was and what I was doing when I found out about the infamous plane crashes into the World Trade Center. I discuss how I discovered a greater perspective of the tragedy when I spent 2 summers in Marlboro, New Jersey, just 1 hour away from New York City. During those summers, people from that community shared their intense, and deep stories with me about their day on 9/11/01 and how it impacted their lives. I also had the honor of meeting a fireman from the NYFD who was there that day.


#56 – Canada Working Holiday

Richard Poole joins me to discuss living in one of the world’s most livable cities, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Rich managed to immerse himself into Canadian culture and also explore some of the country’s most spectacular scenery. He talks, jobs, visas, the best way to settle in a new place and much more.


#55 – New Experiences

When was the last time you tried something new? I talk about the benefit of trying new things by recounting 5 new experiences I have had within the last week. I avenged my high school art classes, returned to a former passion and discovered an enjoyable way of giving back.  Hear about an upcoming experience that I initially wrestled with the idea of before realising that it could be a slobber knocker.


#54 – Wollongong, living somewhere else

Simon joins me to talk about his 3 years in Wollongong, a town south of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. Simon made an effort to immerse himself in Australian culture and talks about what he learned about a different way of life. We discuss how Australians seem to be a lot more laid back, how leaving the beaten track is crucial and most importantly, getting away from what you know and trying something new.

#53 – Invest in Experiences, not Possesions

I am a firm believer of paying for great experiences and in this episode, I talk about why. Hear about a chain of events that included a Samsung Galaxy S7, a Youtube video and a Seal concert that lead me to my conclusions.

#52 – Stonehenge and Bath

After making a vow to travel more of my own country, I made it to Bath and Stonehenge in a recent trip. Me and Hayley talk about the iconic site, a cheaper way to do it and how we learned that aliens really do exist. We also discuss attraction will take us back to Bath one day.


#51 – American Reunion

2nd episode of the week!!! On a recent drive from a special reunion with friends I met working in an American summer camp, I illustrate why friends you meet on your travels can become lifelong friends. I also discuss making the most of every opportunity that comes your way and why you should refrain from deleting people from Facebook.


#50 – UnBALIvable

On this landmark 50th episode of the podcast, Jacquie joins me to talk about productive things you can do in Bali. Hear about different temples, activities and volcanoes in Ubud, Seminyak, Kuta and other places on the island. In a dramatic tale, Jacquie reveals how losing all her money and cards on an unfamiliar island lead her to a local underground strip club. As well as that we discuss sunsets and how I have come to despise them.


#49 -2 1/2 Years in 2 Bags part ii

This is the second part of my conversation with Gaz Davies (part i available in episode #46). Gaz talks about his unlikely job in an aboriginal community. He talks about how their culture is so different to anything he had ever experienced and recalls some wild stories. We also share bizarre tales from journeys between places. The good, the bad, the crazy, and the ‘how the F am I still alive’.


#48 – What The PhÓ Travel Podcast

Nick and Amy from What The PhÓ Travel Podcast join me to discuss all things travel and backpacking. They discuss why India is their favourite country and  why Australia is not. Also, a new found appreciation of Europe and their upcoming travel themed wedding.

What The PhÓ Travel Podcast is available on iTunes


They can be contacted on Twitter: @PhoPodcast


#47 – Drive to the Cardiff Shore

Join me in one of the most pivotal moments of my life as  I drive to Cardiff to begin a new adventure. I talk about how travelling has helped me make, what once would have been an unthinkable move and decision, become possible.


#46 – 2 1/2 Years in 2 Bags part i

“2 and a half years in 2 bags. If we all learned to live with a lot less, we could live a lot more.” Said the famous explorer Gareth Davies. Gaz shares his experiences of travelling and working for 2 and 1/2 years across 3 continents. He discusses his expectations vs reality, how and why he travelled, how it changed his outlook on life and much, much more .


#45 – Round Table Travel Discussion

I am joined by Phil, Dave and Amy to discuss various travel experiences. Find out why it is vital to follow local cultures, the difference between time keeping in western and eastern societies and how a certain Fijian Island dealt with a sexual deviant.


#44 – Why India is the greatest country

Dave Slimmon appears on the podcast to discuss why India is his favourite country. Dave discusses, charity work, buddhist retreats, the power of yoga and why the Taj Mahal IS worth visiting.

#43 – Isle of Wight/Tourist in your own Country

Me and show regular Phil Taffley took a trip to the Isle of Wight and review our experience immediately after. We also discuss exploring your own country and how its often something that people do not take advantage of. Hear about Isle of Wight’s answer to the 12 Apostles, the feeling of being abroad when you aren’t and the world’s greatest tourist attraction. Did someone say chocolate and garlic ice cream?


#42 – How leaving the EU will affect travellers

In this episode of the podcast, I discuss the impact that the UK leaving the EU, could have on traveling to EU countries once article 50 is triggered. As well as travel, I discuss how working in these countries may become more difficult in the future, for UK citizens. Also addressed are the rumours of a free movement agreement being reached between the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


#41 – South America part ii

Phil Taffley continues to reminisce about his journey through South America. Continuing from Bolivia, Phil also talks about, Peru, Brazil and Columbia. Hear about the most unorganized trip that became a great experience, the event that made a town in Bolivia come to a standstill, the amazon rainforest, a trip to the equator and much more.


#40 – Coming Home/Michaella McCollum, Melissa Reid revisited

Hayley Glover returns to the podcast to discuss what it is like to return home after spending so much time away. From your first thoughts after stepping off the plane to a few months down the line to let things settle, we discuss it all. Was it the right decision? What have you learned? What does the future hold? In Hayley’s last appearance (#20 – Michaella McCollum, Melissa Reid, banged up Abroad), we discussed Michaella McCollum and Melissa Reid, also know as ‘The Peru 2’ who famously tried to smuggle drugs out of Lima.


#39 – South America part i

Phil Taffley returns to the podcast to discuss his trip to South America. He talks about, Argentina, Patagonia and Chile in the first installment of this 2 part special. Phil talks about a trance festival he attended, how a grave yard was such a fascinating attraction,  visiting a to be devastating volcano and much more.

Pubcast #6

Hopefully you know the deal by now. This episode is nothing to do with travelling and backpacking. A pubcast is where a friend, in this case Phil Taffley, joins me for a few beers to discus 3 topics. We talk about binge watching tv, whether dress codes should be part of a job requirement and grey areas. We dive into other topics such as Leicester City’s recent triumph, boxing, ‘the game’, and much, much more

#38 – Eurotrip

Phil Taffley returns to the podcast to discus his recent trip to Europe. Starting in Rome and finishing in Athens, Phil discusses Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Greece. As well as finding out about the places he went to, hear about the Game of Thrones set for ‘Kings Landing’ and what the show has done to one particular town. Also, we learn about the time Phil’s drunken antics had a hostel owner bringing in pest control and how he was a real hit with the men in Albania.

#37 – A better way to fly

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about my recent flight from Sydney to London and how I turned a day long, tiring, uncomfortable, boring time into a  great experience where I visited 3 new countries, reunited with old friends and met some new ones.

Website: rkearns5.wordpress.com

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/rjkworldtour/id1005114220?mt=2

Facebook: /rjkworldtour

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Instagram: @rjkworldtour

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1FfcG_-_JCHzAy5lOEw5aw

#36 – Bahrain and the Persian Gulf

Tom joins me to discuss what it is like to live and work in Bahrain. Tom has lived in Bahrain for 3 years. He talks about the transition of moving from the UK to Bahrain as well as travelling into other countries in the Persian Gulf


#35 – Abu Dhabi

I recently spent an action packed 2 days in Abu Dhabi. I stayed with my friend Alpesh who has been living there for 6 months. He joins me to discuss what it is like to live in the United Arab Emirates and what there is to do there.

#34 – End of an Era

Fear not, this is not the end of the podcast, just the name of the episode. In this mini episode, I discuss what it is like when the time comes for you to move on from a special place and how you can make sure you can keep the travelling dream alive.


#33 – Returning to a place

In this episode, I discuss the pros and cons of returning to a place you have visited before. Is it wort returning? Can it alter your perception? Will it tarnish great memories or will it become even better?


#32 – 5 things (nearly) that I learned from Hawaii

In January, I took a trip to Hawaii and in this episode of the podcast, I discuss things I learned from that trip. I focus on general things I learned, or in some cases relearned, about travel and backpacking rather than specific things about Hawaii.

Pubcast #4

This is not a travel episode, this is a Pubcast. I am joined by friends Rich and Shane to discuss current topics of Donald Trump, the US election, Maria Sharapova, drugs in sport and the power of mind. All whilst having a few beers in a pub. Enjoy.




UFC Talk #9 – Reaction to Diaz v McGregor

Me and Aaron Phelps discuss UFC 196. We talk Miesha Tate, Holly Holm, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor

Pubcast #3

It’s the return of the Pubcast. This is where I am joined by a guest to talk about current trending topics, over beers in a pub. Luke Crane joins me to discuss, the NHS junior doctor debate, Making a Murderer and the Adam Johnson case.

#31 – New Zealand Working Holiday

Tom Duncan discuses his 2 years in New Zealand. Tom tells us about the best things to see including Lord of the Rings scenery and what things you may want to avoid. He also talks about the fundamental differences between doing a working holiday in New Zealand and Australia as well as the best places to find work.

#30 – Real Australia

Tom Duncan from episode #28 returns to the podcast to discuss his year in Australia. He talks about what he considers to be “Real Australia”. Tom also talks about why the East Coast should be avoided, why the West Coast is a much more Authentic experience, and the amazing Kakadu National Park. More knowledge bombs are dropped including why the easy route isn’t always the best.


#29 – 3 Months in India

Matt and Sophie return to the podcast to talk about their time in India. They discuss how to avoid being moved down by a bull, the worst bus journey ever, chewing tobacco, Himalayas, beautiful beaches, Gurkhas and much more


#28 – How to get a job as a Backpacker

Possibly the most important episode yet. Tom Duncan joins me to discuss the best ways to get a job as a Backpacker. As an experienced traveler, Tom has not just acquired many jobs across multiple countries, he has also employed many backpackers himself.


#27 – Southeast Asia on a Shoestring

Matt and Sophie started the adventure of a lifetime in April 2015. In this episode they discuss travelling around Southeast Asia as a couple whilst trying to stick to a budget. Hear how they crashed a wedding, stayed at a Brothel, had a close encounter with a tsunami, the beginning and end of Matt’s Thai Boxing career and much more.

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#26 – Sydney Hit List

Dan Wood joins me along with Aaron Phelps, to discuss Dan’s recent trip to Australia. Armed with a list of Sydney’s best attractions, Dan was a man on a mission to tick off all items. We discuss his first impressions of Sydney, a trip up the coast and how he even got to meet one of his Idols.

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#25 – Down(Under) But Not Out

Dan Webster returns to the podcast to discuss his time in Australia. He talks farm work, travelling the east coast, making long life friends and persevering through adversity.

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#24 – Best of 2015

In this episode, I look back at some of my favourite episodes so far. One thing that pleases me about these podcasts is that you can listen to older episodes and they are still relevant. Check them out and let me know what you think. These are the featured episodes I talk about

#3 – Phil Taffley

#6 – Teaching English in Thailand

#5 – The Lost Tapes

#10 – Chickens on a Bus!!! part I

#11 – Chickens on a Bus!!! part II

#18 – Never Too Old

#19 – Melbourne, Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm

#20 – Melissa Reid, Michaella McCollum, Banged Up Abroad

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#23 – Christmas Abroad

Merry Christmas everyone. In this weeks episode, I discuss what it is like to spend a Christmas away from home, how challenging it can be and what I learned from the experience.

#22 – Teaching Cricket in South Africa

Dan Webster returns to the podcast to discuss……well, teaching Cricket in South Africa. He discusses, the job he had, experiencing South African culture and some memorable trips he had whilst he was there.

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UFC Talk – TUF 22 Finale

Aaron “ADubz” Phelps and Dan Wood join me to discuss the huge weekend of UFC fights this weekend. All whilst we watch the Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale.

ADubz returns

Aaron “ADubz” Phelps returns to the podcast to discuss everything from experiences on Tinder, to whether Formula 1 drivers poo their pants during races or not.

#21 – Volunteering in India

Dan Webster fulfilled a lifetime ambition by going to India. Here about why he did it, what he did there, immersing himself in the local culture of three separate villages and how it helped him moving forward.

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#20 – Melissa Reid, Michaella McCollum, Banged Up Abroad

In 2013, Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum Connolly unsuccessfully attempted to smuggle £1.5 Million worth of Cocaine out of Peru. They were caught, detained and consequently sentenced to 6 years 8 months in prison. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss the story of the Peru 2

#19 – Melbourne, Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm

This weekend, I returned to Melbourne for the first time in 2 years which bought back great memories. I spent a year of my life in melbourne wish consisted of many highs and lows which are equally as important to me. I was there to watch the historic UFC 193 where Holly Holm shocked the world by beating the seemingly unbeatable Ronda Rousey. I discuss the privilege of witnessing such a moment and what Melbourne means to me.