• #94 – London Terror Attack, My Account


  • #83 – Trending Travelling Topics

    This week, I cover a story about a British Backpacker who was abducted by a Swedish Backpacker who claimed he was half man half alien. Good friends you make travelling […]

  • #69 -Australia, lessons learned

    Aaron “ADubz” Phelps reflects on his year in Australia. He gives an honest account of the things he enjoyed but also the things he would do very differently if he was […]

  • #60 – Hawaii, Escape from Waikiki Beach

    I discuss my trip to Hawaii that I took earlier this year. I enjoyed seeing Waikiki Beach but I found that it was a huge tourist trap. Many people I […]

  • #47 – Drive to the Cardiff Shore

    Join me in one of the most pivotal moments of my life as  I drive to Cardiff to begin a new adventure. I talk about how travelling has helped me make, what […]

  • #46 – 2 1/2 Years in 2 Bags part i

    “2 and a half years in 2 bags. If we all learned to live with a lot less, we could live a lot more.” Said the famous explorer Gareth Davies. […]

  • #45 – Round Table Travel Discussion

    I am joined by Phil, Dave and Amy to discuss various travel experiences. Find out why it is vital to follow local cultures, the difference between time keeping in western […]

  • #44 – Why India is the greatest country

    Dave Slimmon appears on the podcast to discuss why India is his favourite country. Dave discusses, charity work, buddhist retreats, the power of yoga and why the Taj Mahal IS worth visiting. […]

  • #43 – Isle of Wight/Tourist in your own Country

    Me and show regular Phil Taffley took a trip to the Isle of Wight and review our experience immediately after. We also discuss exploring your own country and how its […]

  • #42 – How leaving the EU will affect travellers

    In this episode of the podcast, I discuss the impact that the UK leaving the EU, could have on traveling to EU countries once article 50 is triggered. As well as travel, I […]

  • #41 – South America part ii

    Phil Taffley continues to reminisce about his journey through South America. Continuing from Bolivia, Phil also talks about, Peru, Brazil and Columbia. Hear about the most unorganized trip that became a great […]

  • #40 – Coming Home/Michaella McCollum, Melissa Reid revisited

    Hayley Glover returns to the podcast to discuss what it is like to return home after spending so much time away. From your first thoughts after stepping off the plane […]

  • #39 – South America part i

    Phil Taffley returns to the podcast to discuss his trip to South America. He talks about, Argentina, Patagonia and Chile in the first installment of this 2 part special. Phil talks […]

  • Pubcast #6

    Hopefully you know the deal by now. This episode is nothing to do with travelling and backpacking. A pubcast is where a friend, in this case Phil Taffley, joins me […]

  • #38 – Eurotrip

    Phil Taffley returns to the podcast to discus his recent trip to Europe. Starting in Rome and finishing in Athens, Phil discusses Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Greece. As well […]

  • #37 – A better way to fly

    In this episode of the podcast, I talk about my recent flight from Sydney to London and how I turned a day long, tiring, uncomfortable, boring time into a  great experience […]

  • #36 – Bahrain and the Persian Gulf

    Tom joins me to discuss what it is like to live and work in Bahrain. Tom has lived in Bahrain for 3 years. He talks about the transition of moving […]

  • #35 – Abu Dhabi

    I recently spent an action packed 2 days in Abu Dhabi. I stayed with my friend Alpesh who has been living there for 6 months. He joins me to discuss what […]

  • #34 – End of an Era

    Fear not, this is not the end of the podcast, just the name of the episode. In this mini episode, I discuss what it is like when the time comes […]

  • #33 – Returning to a place

    In this episode, I discuss the pros and cons of returning to a place you have visited before. Is it wort returning? Can it alter your perception? Will it tarnish […]

  • #32 – 5 things (nearly) that I learned from Hawaii

    In January, I took a trip to Hawaii and in this episode of the podcast, I discuss things I learned from that trip. I focus on general things I learned, […]

  • Pubcast #4

    This is not a travel episode, this is a Pubcast. I am joined by friends Rich and Shane to discuss current topics of Donald Trump, the US election, Maria Sharapova, drugs in […]

  • UFC Talk #9 – Reaction to Diaz v McGregor

    Me and Aaron Phelps discuss UFC 196. We talk Miesha Tate, Holly Holm, Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor PlayStop

  • Pubcast #3

    It’s the return of the Pubcast. This is where I am joined by a guest to talk about current trending topics, over beers in a pub. Luke Crane joins me to […]

  • #31 – New Zealand Working Holiday

    Tom Duncan discuses his 2 years in New Zealand. Tom tells us about the best things to see including Lord of the Rings scenery and what things you may want […]

  • #30 – Real Australia

    Tom Duncan from episode #28 returns to the podcast to discuss his year in Australia. He talks about what he considers to be “Real Australia”. Tom also talks about why […]

  • #29 – 3 Months in India

    Matt and Sophie return to the podcast to talk about their time in India. They discuss how to avoid being moved down by a bull, the worst bus journey ever, […]

  • #28 – How to get a job as a Backpacker

    Possibly the most important episode yet. Tom Duncan joins me to discuss the best ways to get a job as a Backpacker. As an experienced traveler, Tom has not just acquired […]

  • #27 – Southeast Asia on a Shoestring

    Matt and Sophie started the adventure of a lifetime in April 2015. In this episode they discuss travelling around Southeast Asia as a couple whilst trying to stick to a budget. Hear […]

  • #26 – Sydney Hit List

    Dan Wood joins me along with Aaron Phelps, to discuss Dan’s recent trip to Australia. Armed with a list of Sydney’s best attractions, Dan was a man on a mission to […]

  • #25 – Down(Under) But Not Out

    Dan Webster returns to the podcast to discuss his time in Australia. He talks farm work, travelling the east coast, making long life friends and persevering through adversity. Please leave […]

  • #24 – Best of 2015

    In this episode, I look back at some of my favourite episodes so far. One thing that pleases me about these podcasts is that you can listen to older episodes and […]

  • #23 – Christmas Abroad

    Merry Christmas everyone. In this weeks episode, I discuss what it is like to spend a Christmas away from home, how challenging it can be and what I learned from […]

  • #22 – Teaching Cricket in South Africa

    Dan Webster returns to the podcast to discuss……well, teaching Cricket in South Africa. He discusses, the job he had, experiencing South African culture and some memorable trips he had whilst […]

  • UFC Talk – TUF 22 Finale

    Aaron “ADubz” Phelps and Dan Wood join me to discuss the huge weekend of UFC fights this weekend. All whilst we watch the Ultimate Fighter 22 Finale. PlayStop

  • ADubz returns

    Aaron “ADubz” Phelps returns to the podcast to discuss everything from experiences on Tinder, to whether Formula 1 drivers poo their pants during races or not. PlayStop

  • #21 – Volunteering in India

    Dan Webster fulfilled a lifetime ambition by going to India. Here about why he did it, what he did there, immersing himself in the local culture of three separate villages […]

  • #20 – Melissa Reid, Michaella McCollum, Banged Up Abroad

    In 2013, Melissa Reid and Michaella McCollum Connolly unsuccessfully attempted to smuggle £1.5 Million worth of Cocaine out of Peru. They were caught, detained and consequently sentenced to 6 years […]

  • #19 – Melbourne, Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm

    This weekend, I returned to Melbourne for the first time in 2 years which bought back great memories. I spent a year of my life in melbourne wish consisted of […]

  • #18 – Never Too Old

    This week, I am joined by Aarron, who after a long illustrious career in finance, decided to give it all up to pursue a life time ambition of backpacking. He discusses […]

  • #17 – East Coast of Australia

    Hayley returns to the podcast to discuss her recent trip coming down the east coast of Australia from Cairns to Brisbane. She talks about many experiences including the Whitsundays, Fraser […]

  • Pubcast 2 part II

    Part 2 of Pubcast 2. Mr 219, Florida Boy Rich joins me and Aaron to discuss things such as the best Eminem song, what to expect in Las Vegas and […]

  • #16 – Laurel And Hardy

    In this weeks mini episode, I talk about how you can learn so much from people you meet on your travels. They don’t just have to be a person you met […]

  • #15 – London v Sydney

    Luke Crane joins me to discuss the difference between living in London and Sydney. We discuss various aspects including, transport, entertainment, disposable income and accommodation. Twitter: @88lcrane Instagram: lc88lc Also […]

  • Pubcast #2

    In this episode, I am joined by my good friend Aaron Phelps. Rather than focusing on travel, we cover a variety of topics ranging from Aaron’s TV appearance on Eggheads […]

  • #14 – Southeast Asia, Losing My Bullpoo

    In September 2012, I took a trip to around Southeast Asia and had an amazing time, saw spectacular things and met some great people. However this podcast isn’t about all that, it’s […]

  • #13 – Camp America, My American Dream

    In June 2009, I took a trip to America which I believe was the most important of my life. That summer I spent in New Jersey not only gave me […]

  • #12 – How to deal with long Bus Journeys #RJKTopTips

    In this episode I discuss the best ways to survive long bus journeys. I start by outlining what to expect on these often crazy journeys before giving tips on how to make […]

  • #11 – Chickens on a Bus!!! part II

    After last episode’s dramatic cliffhanger, we conclude this 2 part special with Matt telling us what is actually happening in Vang Vieng right now along with his experiences in Cambodia […]

  • #10 – Chickens on a Bus!!! part I

    “I’ve had it with these mothef*cking chickens on this motherf*cking bus”, said Matt, a man in his early twenties who was on a mission to travel as much of the world as possible. […]

  • #9 – Holy Cow, it’s a Pubcast!

    Want to know what happens when you take a city guy and put him in the countryside? ‘Florida Boy’ Rich needed to do his 3 months ‘regional work’ in order to […]

  • #8 – Running Wild in Tasmania, BROTHER!!!

    Me and Hayley took a small trip to Tasmania that we loved but that didn’t exactly go to plan. Learn from our triumphs and calamities as we discuss life in a […]

  • #7 – Going, Going, Goon

    Sam Williams talks about his trip to Thailand, Laos, Singapore and then Australia. Sam and I discus topics such as travelling in a pair, overstaying your visa, holding in a […]

  • #6 – Teaching English in Thailand

    Jack Fidler joins me to discuss his time teaching English in Bangkok. As well as TEFL, Jack talks about the Thai lifestyle, spending Christmas away from home and his travels after teaching. […]

  • #5 – The Lost Tapes

    The first episode ever recorded. My friend Matt Brown and I discuss some of the highs and lows of travelling in Australia. Topics include, regional work, getting through the difficult […]

  • #2 – Daniel Shipley

    After receiving feedback about Dan being difficult to hear in episode 2, the episode as been digitally remastered in order to make Dan more audible. Daniel Shipley joins me to discuss […]

  • #4 – From Sydney To Stockport

    Paul Moran joins me to discuss his year in Australia. We cover important topics such as getting employment, completing your 88 days of regional work required for a 2nd year visa, […]

  • #3 – Phil Taffley

    Phil Taffley is an experienced traveller who has ventured into 39 countries across 6 of the 7 continents. In this episode, me and Phil share experiences from our various adventures. […]

  • #1 – Intro

    Short introduction to what the podcast is all about   PlayStop