#94 – London Terror Attack, My Account


On Saturday night, I was at London Bridge during the terror attacks. I recall the how the events played out from my point of view. Thank you to the police who kept us all safe



#83 – Trending Travelling Topics

This week, I cover a story about a British Backpacker who was abducted by a Swedish Backpacker who claimed he was half man half alien. Good friends you make travelling are often people you have known for little time so can you trust them? What are the best ways to avoid trouble. Also covered is an amazing opportunity to travel Europe for 6 months, all expenses paid, and all that you need is a solid Instagram game. Moving on, with all the coverage of the Trump travel ban at the moment, I talk about a non political story of the situation and how it is impacting tourism in the US. Finally, what unusual proposal is the Icelandic president putting forward. Tune in and find out


#69 -Australia, lessons learned

Aaron “ADubz” Phelps reflects on his year in Australia. He gives an honest account of the things he enjoyed but also the things he would do very differently if he was to have his year again. He weighs in on the “investing in experiences” topic too.

Other things covered are how much money you need to go to Australia, choosing your accommodation choices, making friends and making the most of where you are.

#60 – Hawaii, Escape from Waikiki Beach

I discuss my trip to Hawaii that I took earlier this year. I enjoyed seeing Waikiki Beach but I found that it was a huge tourist trap. Many people I spoke to never got out of Waikiki and so never saw the best parts of Hawaii. I was fortunate enough to see the “Big Island” and this is a truly amazing place. I talk about swimming with Sea Turtles, active volcanoes, nudist beaches, black sand beaches and much more.


#47 – Drive to the Cardiff Shore

Join me in one of the most pivotal moments of my life as  I drive to Cardiff to begin a new adventure. I talk about how travelling has helped me make, what once would have been an unthinkable move and decision, become possible.


#46 – 2 1/2 Years in 2 Bags part i

“2 and a half years in 2 bags. If we all learned to live with a lot less, we could live a lot more.” Said the famous explorer Gareth Davies. Gaz shares his experiences of travelling and working for 2 and 1/2 years across 3 continents. He discusses his expectations vs reality, how and why he travelled, how it changed his outlook on life and much, much more .


#45 – Round Table Travel Discussion

I am joined by Phil, Dave and Amy to discuss various travel experiences. Find out why it is vital to follow local cultures, the difference between time keeping in western and eastern societies and how a certain Fijian Island dealt with a sexual deviant.