#85 Trending Travelling Topics

In one of the most bizarre stories of the year, hear about how a French woman has become a fugitive of New Zealand for taking a poo in the street. Also, should all these negative news stories of Backpackers put you off travelling to certain places? I discuss this as well as addressing the controversy from last week’s episode.


#38 – Eurotrip

Phil Taffley returns to the podcast to discus his recent trip to Europe. Starting in Rome and finishing in Athens, Phil discusses Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Greece. As well as finding out about the places he went to, hear about the Game of Thrones set for ‘Kings Landing’ and what the show has done to one particular town. Also, we learn about the time Phil’s drunken antics had a hostel owner bringing in pest control and how he was a real hit with the men in Albania.

#37 – A better way to fly

In this episode of the podcast, I talk about my recent flight from Sydney to London and how I turned a day long, tiring, uncomfortable, boring time into a  great experience where I visited 3 new countries, reunited with old friends and met some new ones.

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#36 – Bahrain and the Persian Gulf

Tom joins me to discuss what it is like to live and work in Bahrain. Tom has lived in Bahrain for 3 years. He talks about the transition of moving from the UK to Bahrain as well as travelling into other countries in the Persian Gulf


#35 – Abu Dhabi

I recently spent an action packed 2 days in Abu Dhabi. I stayed with my friend Alpesh who has been living there for 6 months. He joins me to discuss what it is like to live in the United Arab Emirates and what there is to do there.

#34 – End of an Era

Fear not, this is not the end of the podcast, just the name of the episode. In this mini episode, I discuss what it is like when the time comes for you to move on from a special place and how you can make sure you can keep the travelling dream alive.


#33 – Returning to a place

In this episode, I discuss the pros and cons of returning to a place you have visited before. Is it wort returning? Can it alter your perception? Will it tarnish great memories or will it become even better?


#32 – 5 things (nearly) that I learned from Hawaii

In January, I took a trip to Hawaii and in this episode of the podcast, I discuss things I learned from that trip. I focus on general things I learned, or in some cases relearned, about travel and backpacking rather than specific things about Hawaii.