Tag: backpacking

  • #5 – The Lost Tapes

    The first episode ever recorded. My friend Matt Brown and I discuss some of the highs and lows of travelling in Australia. Topics include, regional work, getting through the difficult […]

  • #2 – Daniel Shipley

    After receiving feedback about Dan being difficult to hear in episode 2, the episode as been digitally remastered in order to make Dan more audible. Daniel Shipley joins me to discuss […]

  • #4 – From Sydney To Stockport

    Paul Moran joins me to discuss his year in Australia. We cover important topics such as getting employment, completing your 88 days of regional work required for a 2nd year visa, […]

  • #3 – Phil Taffley

    Phil Taffley is an experienced traveller who has ventured into 39 countries across 6 of the 7 continents. In this episode, me and Phil share experiences from our various adventures. […]

  • #1 – Intro

    Short introduction to what the podcast is all about   PlayStop