#83 – Trending Travelling Topics

This week, I cover a story about a British Backpacker who was abducted by a Swedish Backpacker who claimed he was half man half alien. Good friends you make travelling are often people you have known for little time so can you trust them? What are the best ways to avoid trouble. Also covered is an amazing opportunity to travel Europe for 6 months, all expenses paid, and all that you need is a solid Instagram game. Moving on, with all the coverage of the Trump travel ban at the moment, I talk about a non political story of the situation and how it is impacting tourism in the US. Finally, what unusual proposal is the Icelandic president putting forward. Tune in and find out



Pubcast #4

This is not a travel episode, this is a Pubcast. I am joined by friends Rich and Shane to discuss current topics of Donald Trump, the US election, Maria Sharapova, drugs in sport and the power of mind. All whilst having a few beers in a pub. Enjoy.