#48 – What The PhÓ Travel Podcast

Nick and Amy from What The PhÓ Travel Podcast join me to discuss all things travel and backpacking. They discuss why India is their favourite country and  why Australia is not. Also, a new found appreciation of Europe and their upcoming travel themed wedding.

What The PhÓ Travel Podcast is available on iTunes


They can be contacted on Twitter: @PhoPodcast



#44 – Why India is the greatest country

Dave Slimmon appears on the podcast to discuss why India is his favourite country. Dave discusses, charity work, buddhist retreats, the power of yoga and why the Taj Mahal IS worth visiting.

#29 – 3 Months in India

Matt and Sophie return to the podcast to talk about their time in India. They discuss how to avoid being moved down by a bull, the worst bus journey ever, chewing tobacco, Himalayas, beautiful beaches, Gurkhas and much more


#21 – Volunteering in India

Dan Webster fulfilled a lifetime ambition by going to India. Here about why he did it, what he did there, immersing himself in the local culture of three separate villages and how it helped him moving forward.

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