Pubcast #6

Hopefully you know the deal by now. This episode is nothing to do with travelling and backpacking. A pubcast is where a friend, in this case Phil Taffley, joins me for a few beers to discus 3 topics. We talk about binge watching tv, whether dress codes should be part of a job requirement and grey areas. We dive into other topics such as Leicester City’s recent triumph, boxing, ‘the game’, and much, much more


Pubcast #4

This is not a travel episode, this is a Pubcast. I am joined by friends Rich and Shane to discuss current topics of Donald Trump, the US election, Maria Sharapova, drugs in sport and the power of mind. All whilst having a few beers in a pub. Enjoy.




Pubcast 2 part II

Part 2 of Pubcast 2. Mr 219, Florida Boy Rich joins me and Aaron to discuss things such as the best Eminem song, what to expect in Las Vegas and how reality TV isn’t actually reality.

Pubcast #2

In this episode, I am joined by my good friend Aaron Phelps. Rather than focusing on travel, we cover a variety of topics ranging from Aaron’s TV appearance on Eggheads to Ryan Gosling’s injury time winning strike against Liverpool,  all while enjoying a few beers in a Sydney pub. Follow Aaron twitter: Adubz16 Instagram: Adubz10