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  • #96 – Return to London

    I recall my 1st trip back to London since my night at London Bridge during the unfortunate terrorist attacks. The weekend was very much travel and podcast related. I also […]

  • #87 – Trending Travelling Topics

    This week I talk about an intriguing article about how Backpackers are avoiding Canberra like the plague. Much of this is because of listening to opinions of fellow travelers but […]

  • #85 Trending Travelling Topics

    In one of the most bizarre stories of the year, hear about how a French woman has become a fugitive of New Zealand for taking a poo in the street. […]

  • #83 – Trending Travelling Topics

    This week, I cover a story about a British Backpacker who was abducted by a Swedish Backpacker who claimed he was half man half alien. Good friends you make travelling […]

  • #81 – Trending Travelling Topics

    I discuss the latest news from the travel and backpacking world. Hear about the couple who have got married many times over in some of the word’s most desirable places, and […]

  • #79 – The 193 Club

    Famed travel blogger Henrik Jeppesen joins me for this episode. Henrik managed to visit every country on the planet, all before he turned 28. With all that experience to call […]