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“Well done Rich. Had a good listen and would recommend to anyone. Those who have travelled and those who have not travelled will find this very interesting. Might make me pack my bags and ship off to a new adventure. Keep it up and good luck”




“Great travel podcast and very well presented”

Nick, What The PhÓ Travel Podcast




“The relaxed conversations provide great information about traveling and about what opportunities there are in the backpacking world”

Kevin Hall





“Great for travel info and very entertaining”

Hayley Glover



“As an avid podcast listener, I am always on the lookout for good quality chat and I have to say #RJKWORLDTOUR has fast become one of my favourites. If you are looking for a mix of travel, good stories and entertainment, then this is the place to be. My favourite episodes so far include:

  • #8 – Running Wild in Tasmania, Brother!!!
  • #21 – Volunteering in India
  • #13 – Camp America, My American Dream
  • #9 – Holy Cow, it’s a Pubcast
  • Pubcast 2

Keep up the good work.”




Really enjoyable easy listening. The chat is always relaxed, funny ad informative. I enjoy listening to travel stories so tuned in and as a bonus I’m an MMA fan, so was surprised that Rich and his guests really know their stuff when it comes to fighting. Keep up the good work!



Great podcast for anyone interested in travel; loads of helpful tips and some great stories

Craig Ewers, Craig Ewers Academy


New listener here and really getting into this podcast. My favourite are the solo podcasts as when I’m driving and rich is talking, I can feel his positivity shining through and the subjects he talks about are really thought provoking and possibly even life changing. Honest and brave. Keep these up please.

rich, da boss of mankind