#112 – The Downsides of Travelling

Recurring guest Phil Taffley and I love travelling, but like everything in life it does come with it’s downsides. At Phil’s request, in this episode, we discuss what those downsides are for us, what you should be aware of and how to manage them. We talk missing family & friends, scams, cultural differences, timekeeping, dealing with the police while abroad and much more.


#111 – Football on the Continent

Dan Shipley joins me to discuss what it is like to watch football on your travels. We talk about our experiences of football culture across the world and compare them to the English game. Is Barcelona actually a cult? What’s better, a Seattle Sounders match or a trip to Morcambe on a Saturday afternoon? Was Mark Stallard better than Beckham? All this and much more.

#110 – Booking a Eurotrip

In this episode, I detail how I booked for a week long trip, flights, accommodation and transport, across 4 cities in 3 countries for less than £300, and how you could do the same for even cheaper. Also, why AirBnB is disrupting locals in certain places.